Friday, 4 November 2011

Girls night in at "Charms"

Last weekend I headed off to Charmanes for a girls night in fundraiser for breast cancer. I arrived at 6pm exhausted from a long day at work and couldnt wait to get into a glass of bubbles. There wasnt any shortage of that everyone had bought some along I managed to find some PINK bubbles for the occasion and some strawberries. Her family had been extremely busy organising lots of delish food enough to feed an army. I think there probably still eating the left overs now!!! lol  The rice was AMAZING something Ive never tasted before... Must try bribing Charm for that recipe maybe I need to buy her some more bubbles to get those yummy Sri Lankan secrets.

Anyway after we stuffed ourselves silly on food and drinks it was time to get into some scrapping!! My new trolley to carry everything worked a treat too. Typical blonde me missed read the invite and only thought it was for a few hours so decided to just take a small project knowing I wouldnt have much time (Chrissy cards) Yep thought it was time to get started. Guess the big jolly man will be here before we know it :) I managed to make a few and did a little more when I got home over the following days.You will find below a little sneak peek of my cards..

It was a very enjoyable night met lots of new people and had a few laughs or two. Headed home later than expected and was soo tired I was out like a light as soon as my head hit the pillow!!

My Scrappy Christmas cards

Thinking I might pop them on the counter at our giftware shop to sell. As over Christmas we often have people wanting a card or two and we dont stock them normally.

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