Friday, 4 November 2011

It's SHOW time !!!!

Two weeks ago we went to the local Show and the kids had a fantastic time. Just love the smell of popcorn, donuts and fairyfloss...Mmmm Yummo!!  They only had one ride each ,one turn at the clowns and got one show bag each. Couldnt believe it still cost a small fortune but it was worth it just to see the excitement in little miss 3year olds eyes. Luckily my eldest son was away in Geelong at the time one less to pay for. It was really the first time for little missy at the show being old enough to know what it was all about. Her request was for a  "Fairies" show bag and her face painted as a rainbow butterfly. Aww how sweet... Oh and ooops not to mention the fairyfloss!!

Here the kids are in the animal tent having a little hold of the chickens..

 All ready to go on the PARATROOPER ride... he he... First time for little miss didnt realise it went up SO high and around SO fast!! Wished I could have gotten a better action photo her face was just pure GOLD

Here they are UP UP and AWAY!!!!  lol

So proud of her rainbow butterfly face , Not sure about it myself looks kinda

We normally go every second year , but the plan is to start saving our bottles and cans over the next year and recycle them at the depot so we can have HEAPS of rides next year!! Last time we cashed them in we got $90 doesnt take long to add up :)

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